Courses for PhD candidates

The Radboud Institute for Health Sciences training programme consists of a number of general courses and courses more specifically aimed at the type of research that is conducted in the Institute.

Compulsory courses
The RIHS Introduction course for PhD candidates is mandatory for all PhD candidates within our Institute. This course will be offered 3 times a year, immediately following the Radboudumc International Introduction day. In the course relevant research methodologies and general skills are covered. Recently, the course has been thoroughly revised based on the feedback of participants and the Institute's PhD council.

Since 1 September 2014,  the 2-day interactive course on scientific integrity is a mandatory part of the training of 2nd year RIHS PhD candidates (so for those who started their PhD project after 31 August 2013) .

For all Radboudumc PhD candidates who perform research involving human subjects and/or patients the eBROK course (Basiscursus Regelgeving en Organisatie voor Klinisch onderzoekers) is mandatory.

Optional courses
Furthermore, you can choose several optional courses. Some courses concern general topics such as planning a PhD project and writing skills, while others are more specific (e.g. statistics and methodological courses). In the (not complete) overview below you can find several suggestions for courses during your PhD traject.

Courses of Biomedical Sciences (BMS) programme
The BMS master distinguishes three career-profiles: research (for those who have the ambition to obtain a PhD), consultancy (for those who aim at assuming a role as scientific consultant) and communication (for those who foresee a career in translating research to the lay public). The MSc courses (5.5 ECTS each) are open for PhD candidates and Postdocs with an interest in the courses' subjects and sufficient background into the subject. The MSc courses for the research profile are taught in English and the consultancy and communication MSc courses are taught in Dutch. For more information the coordinator of the specific course should be contacted. 

General courses
Radboud University and Radboud in'to Languages offer various courses aimed at developing general skills such as: Oral presentation, Scientific Journalism, Advanced conversation and Academic writing. Also Coaching and Career guidance are offered, and the basic qualification in education (Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs-BKO) can be obtained.

Methodological courses
Radboudumc courses are organized by PAO Heyendael or by Departments (e.g., IQ healthcareDept of Health Evidence SYRCLE)  

Every year the Radboud international Summer School  takes place with courses at Bachelor's, Master's or PhD level.

Apart from courses offered by Radboudumc and Radboud University, PhD candidates of the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences are strongly encouraged to take courses that are offered by organisations with whom the Institute closely collaborates. These include CaReCaphriEMGO+NIHES.

Disease oriented courses
Disease oriented courses are offered by e.g.: